The Unicorn Party (Saturday)





RSVPs are closed! See you at the pool!unicorn flyer

The Naked Unicorn Party is a BYOB play party complete with an indoor, heated pool and snacks for those in the Unicorn Club. The specific location of this party will only be released to registered members the day prior to the event (it will be in East Dallas). This party is only for Unicorn Members and membership must be attained in advance. There will be NO membership available at the door and membership is non-transferable.

Membership can be attained by clicking on the Unicorn below and paying membership fees through Paypal.  The Membership fee is $10 per person and can be paid until either capacity is reached or 5 pm that Saturday. Please read through all of the guidelines carefully before registering for membership, as all transactions are final. In paying for your membership, please use the legal name(s) of everyone you are registering. If you identify as trans* and/or your chosen name does not match your legal name, please provide both your legal name and chosen name. We do have to verify for legal purposes, but we’d like to address you appropriately (this does not apply to scene names or temporary names).

We ask all Unicorn Members to understand the following:

  • We don’t care how dirty you get, just keep the pool clean!
  • No electronic cigarettes indoors AT ALL.
  • No photography!
  • Again, membership is only available in advance and for ages 18+. No door payments allowed and membership is non-transferable.
  • Voyeurism is participation, and most people won’t mind if you admire their hot scenes, but please don’t crowd or interrupt scenes in progress.
  • Consent is sexy! Go into every interaction assuming that you do not have permission to touch unless you are given explicit permission.
  • If someone touches you without your consent, violates your boundaries, refuses to respect your “no,” or acts predatory towards you, please alert a volunteer.
  •  This party will have an unwavering commitment to respect for all gender identities and expressions**–this is absolutely necessary for a fully inclusive, safe, thoroughly fun part for everyone attending. Behavior contrary to these goals is explicitly unacceptable.
  • Violation of our guidelines may result in ejection from the party at our discretion, without negotiation, and without chance of reversal.

**Please feel free to politely ask someone their preferred name and/or pronoun. This contributes to everyone feeling welcome and comfortable.

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