Butch Voices Community Conversations (Saturday)

This Community Conversation event will be centered around topics of discussion specifically around butch, stud, and other masculine of center identities in order to hold space for each other and foster ways to connect and build community. As always, we do not make the distinction as to who fits those identities; that is for individuals to decide for themselves.

Topics will be generated by the individuals and groups who attend. Some examples include: Butch Misogyny, Trans*/Butch Flight as Myth, and Butch Terminology. We expect regional differences to affect which subjects, philosophies, and concerns each group will focus on. These topics will be used to create the discussion groups.  Among the discussion groups, there will be closed space for those who self identify as Masculine of Center, as well as open space for all identities for simultaneous conversations.

Our goal is to have up to about 30 people attend this Community Conversation gathering, and we hope to encourage dialogue, connection, and networking as we pass along our thoughts to this year’s BUTCH Voices National Conference.

The Conversations will take place at Resource Center Dallas (2701 Reagan St. Dallas, TX 75219) from 12 pm – 4:30 pm.


Joe Leblanc
Keynote Speaker and Conversation Facilitator

Joe_LeBlanc-1_web-150x150Joe LeBlanc is a Cajun Genderqueer Poly Butch who believes in personal story-telling as a significant method for people to share experiences and solidify a better understanding about LGBTIQ identities, issues, and concerns. Joe is the Founder and Board Chair of BUTCH Voices. He has served as a member of the University of Michigan’s Spectrum Center Speakers’ Bureau and TransGender Michigan. A graduate from the Out in Front Seattle LGBTQ leadership program, Joe has served as an Advisory Board member for TransActive, a founder and coordinator for Q Patrol PDX, and currently serves as Assistant Citizen Co-Chair for the Alliance for Safer Communities. He has developed and presented workshops at various conferences on issues around identity, community building, event planning, and advocating for trans-inclusive health care. Joe is currently working as the Development Coordinator for Basic Rights Oregon and was awarded the 2011 Pride In Action Award by Pride NW.

C.D. Kirven 
Conversation Facilitator

Formerly the Outreach Coordinator for Legacy of Success Foundation, C. D. Kirven is recognized nationally for her writings, artwork, and activism in the LGBT community regarding sexuality, gender, and racism. Kirven was a founding board member of DFW Pride Movement and was one of the ENDA 4 with the organization Get Equal. Kirven’s artwork appeared at the 2009 Butch Voices Conference in Oakland, CA and the art was featured in the December 2009 issue of Curve Magazine. Recently part of the ‘ART AS A WEAPON’ exhibit at the Smoke & Mirrors Gallery in Dalllas, TX. Kirven is a contributing writing for several LGBT media outlets including; CherryGrrl.com, Bilerico, AMBIENTE magazine, Dallas Voice, Bay Windows, Dallas Post Tribune, San Diego Gay & Lesbian News, KVUE ABC, Telemundo and many others.

Lillith Grey
Conversation Facilitator

As an educator, activist, and artist, most of Lillith’s time is divided between teaching, studying, and sewing sequins. She is a burlesque dancer, event producer, artist, and pianist, and is currently completing her Ph.D. in psychology. She produces Dallas’s annual “Fuck Valentine’s Day” party and performs frequently in local burlesque and fetish shows. Lillith owns Gloryhole Productions and The Glitter Box, and she is the founder and producer of Panty Raid and Dirty Panties, both of which occur regularly in Dallas and also presents educational workshops on a variety of topics across the country, including research, personality, kinky sign language, relationships, and multicultural & diversity issues. She has also served on the advisory council for the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance  held the title of Gulf Coast Leather Woman 2008 and was honored as Woman of the Year in 2010 by the National Leather Association – International, and continues to be involved in various service and community projects.

Ephraim Freese
Conversation Facilitator

Ephraim has spent the last couple of years completing his Bachelor’s Degree and organizing his campus’ student-led queer alliance. While working with the organization, he produced the semi-annual drag shows, multiple panels, and numerous other events. Through his work on campus, he became an active advocate for social justice, specifically within the trans* and queer communities. He has recently become a contributor to Panty Raid, Dirty Panties, and The Academy of Queerlesque as Lillith Grey’s intern.

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